Sea Glass

Sea Glass Pendant

the sea glass I find on my beach combing trip have been discarded by man and shaped by nature

therefore every piece inspires it’s own design, never to be repeated

Tweed Bags


my handbags began with various styles dictated by the fabric and as I experimented I developed my own patterns and the Daisy Bag was born

all the Tweed comes from Laxey Woollen Mill on the Isle of Man



The smooth Pebble stones are encased in wire show off their natural beauty and simplicity

Slate lends itself to be stacked; the subtle colours of these stones are enhanced by varnish to deliver individual shapes and combination in the form of a delightful little gift

Semi Precious


I also work with semi-precious stones and whilst being no geologist I am inspired by the wonderful colours nature gives us

beads are picked totally at random and each piece is designed around my current stock. This is ever changing which creates one off, unique pieces