Welcome to my website.

I have always enjoyed making things and with the help of my Mum, who made our clothes and dance costumes I tried my hand at dress making, crochet and embroidery.  I made quite a lot of clothes under her instruction but must have been a frustrating pupil as I always wanted to put my own stamp on it. I invariably added or amended the pattern and am still doing that now !

New lines and collections are born out of chance meetings, lucky finds and the wish to create as little waste as I can. Materials always inspire the design whether it be with fabric, beads or what nature gifts. I have no doubt that things will continue to evolve and change in the future .

If you are looking to treat a friend or spoil yourself you are sure of something totally unique here. It is the essence of what I do.

Each item is designed and handmade by me.

Thank you for visiting